An innovative assembly of power and distribution transformer manufacturers providing a broad range of products to meet the most demanding applications in the commercial, industrial and utility markets.

This new alliance brings a legacy of application expertise, engineering excellence and world class manufacturing to deliver the right product and solution for the most challenging and complex applications across every market segment.


Utility and renewable energy solutions from liquid-filled single phase pole mounted transformers to single- and three-phase pad mounts.

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critical power in demanding environments

Dry type medium voltage transformers are the answer for a multitude of applications. 150kVA to 10mVA, up to 34.5KV Class, 150 BIL Rating. UL and CSA certification.


Solutions for commercial construction, factory automation and power quality issues. Standard and customized solutions with the experience to troubleshoot and solve problems where hands-on engineers are needed.


a wide range of transformers

Low Voltage Transformers

Jefferson Electric has manufactured dry-type transformer products since 1915. We provide quality products to the commercial, industrial and OEM marketplace. Experienced design engineers are ready to create the custom products you require.

Dry Type Medium Voltage

We design and build custom configurations for specific applications assuring the proper installation with other equipment. Size: up to 10mVA, up to 34.5KV, BIL Capability of 150KV. We offer nine standard termination configurations.

Distribution Transformers

Innovative and sustainable solutions to serve residential overhead distribution loads. These transformers are also suitable for light commercial loads, industrial lighting, and diversified power applications

Harmonic Suppression

Our proven and patented technology eliminates the formation of the damaging 3rd harmonic current generated by non-linear computer loads in commercial and industrial facilities.

Liquid Filled

Certified ISO 9001 factory with a full range of units. We manufacture high quality/energy efficient liquid filled transformers up to 25 MVA at 69 kV (350 kV BIL).

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