Pioneer Dry Type Transformer Group manufactures dry-type distribution transformers for commercial and industrial power applications.

Our group is led by Jefferson Electric, Inc., which manufactures and distributes high quality transformers, typically in the 15 kVa through 1 mVA size range and up to 10 mVA in medium voltage classes. www.JeffersonElectric.com

Our distribution network in Canada, Bemag Transformer Inc. markets low and medium voltage dry-type transformers for standard and custom applications. www.Bemag.ca

Harmonics Limited LLC developed patented technology that eliminates the formation of the damaging 3rd harmonic current generated by non-linear computer loads in today’s commercial and industrial facilities.  www.HarmonicsLimited.com

A natural outgrowth of our capabilities is our Medium Voltage segment. With a new focus on serving customers with needs of larger kVAs, we have developed a full line of products to meet these needs. www.PioneerMVMagnetics.com